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Aerial View of Islands

Hello World!

The Whole World is mine. 

No kidding ! Am I too presumptuous? Probably a bit, however I have been in many different continents, environments and situations in my life . Born in Brazil, I have been working abroad in amazing places such as London / Germany / Vienna / North Africa and Switzerland and now New York . 

Integrating different feelings, cultures and way of living made me stronger inside to fight for myself and my clients. I want to make sure that my clients are willing to change inside out in order to become what they truly are!.

My experiences made me understand that we ought to pushi ourself physically and mentally . 

This is what the whole world taught me!

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My Story with a resume

My mission at B.U Be Yourself is to help my clients achieve their fitness goals in a way that is both effective and enjoyable. I believe in bringing people together through fitness, and our projects reflect that commitment. From outdoor adventures to community fitness challenges, I offer something for everyone. Explore my experiences below and discover the benefits of being yourself.

My resume


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

1 (917) 270-9983

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