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Troubleshoot .NET Framework 3.5 Installation Errors - Step by Step Guide

i have downloaded .net 3.5 already by hitting the link you gave above .. when i try to install its say the file is corrupted and the installation stops in the first three seconds after i run the set up .. is the set up file still working please ???

@JanneAs you can see from other comments, links are working well for other users. ?So I suggest you to try downloading from other place like a cyber cafe or from a PC at college/office

framework_35-45-46.exe download

Hats off to Whoever had done tis great job ! minimises tym to 1st install 2.6 setup 1st n then downloadin d same ! Its of great help to buddies not havin internet! Looks like atlast i wont have interuptions n sudden program installation failures ! GOD BLESS !

man i tried to download it normally, with internet download manager and download acelerator plus.. the microsoft site dont enter here, no way: is it offline? :/or its some kind of problem with my connection, i tried since october 25th and nooothing :help me pls

framework_35-45-46.exe download for windows 11

framework_35-45-46.exe download offline installer

framework_35-45-46.exe download from microsoft

framework_35-45-46.exe download free

framework_35-45-46.exe download error

framework_35-45-46.exe download 64 bit

framework_35-45-46.exe download windows 10

framework_35-45-46.exe download latest version

framework_35-45-46.exe download size

framework_35-45-46.exe download link

framework_35-45-46.exe download full

framework_35-45-46.exe download windows 8.1

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framework_35-45-46.exe download microsoft .net 3.5 sp1

framework_35-45-46.exe download windows 7

framework_35-45-46.exe download features on demand

framework_35-45-46.exe download using dism

framework_35-45-46.exe download zip file

framework_35-45-46.exe download for pc

framework_35-45-46.exe download windows update

But, I had a query:I use Win XP Professional. I have Framework 2.0 installed on my machine. I also have live installer for Framework 3.5. Though I have not tried to download it, but when I start it, it shows me only 60MB to download the stuff. Then how come ur link gives 197 MB ka file. Please explain..

I have tried to download .Net 3.5 and all I get is that it will not download and that I need to install another program for it to work. I have already downloaded the program but I still get the message and I am tired of getting this message because there is no other program to download for this one to work. I need to know what is wrong. I have Windows XP Home on my computer and this should not be a problem. I need to get this program on my computer asap. Please help!!!

Hi there, thanks a ton for the way you have neatly put up the links. I have a problem, though, that I was hoping you could help me out with. I want to install the Bluebeam PDF Revu software on my laptop, but the installation tries to download .net by itself. The thing is, I live at a university and the ploxy blocks such access. I hoped to bypass the problem by installing the wwhole thing myself, but the installation of Blubeam still tries to do the download, and never proceeds from there. Could you give some advice?

Thanx For this fabulous thing.I have been looking for something like thisAs I have noticed that the .netframework downloaded from microsoft is small but it really takes a lot of time to complete installation and finishing downloading.thanxWish It Will Help Me A Lot ?

Thank you Rahul Bansal,This was so much easier than Microsoft Download provides. It always takes me a long time negotiating their site, figuring out what is the proper one to download and then it always seems that I have to download more items to complete everything.Thanks again.

help. i downloaded the full 200 mb for .net framework 3.5 above, but when i tried to install it, it still downloading something and gives me an error of cannot connect to the internet even though i am connected.

It is not ideal, but if you really don't want to download anything, then you could try using fc /b (ie file compare in binary mode) to compare this file with another completely different file, and it will show you the hex values of each byte that is different. You will may get some values that happen to be the same in the two files and so may be skipped from the output, but you can tell if that happens by checking for missing values in the offset column.


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