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Scrum: The Art Of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time.epub

stakeholder interviews. we conducted two stakeholder interviews with two key informants from the organization that provided feedback on the research and study instruments (see also, kock et al., 2017 ). both informants were familiar with the organization and the researchers' work, as well as with the agile transformation in this organization. the interviews were divided into two parts. first, we asked the informants for their opinions about the usefulness and meaning of the agile transformation, the supporting agile work practices, and the typical activities of agile teams. second, we asked the informants for their most vivid memory of each agile work practice (see appendix 1, in the supplemental materials).

Scrum: The Art Of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time.epub


next to incorporating the outcomes that were created by our stakeholders into the study instruments, we also integrated their opinions into the definitions and the operationalization of the agile transformation. first, we incorporated their feedback regarding which agile work practices are commonly used, which are rare or uncommon, and which are not considered at all. second, to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of the process of an agile transformation (c.f., junker, bakker, & derks, 2017 ), we added an additional item on the frequency that teams in this organization hold retrospective meetings. the latter was added to ensure that a sufficient amount of teams participate in retrospective meetings. finally, we added an additional item on the frequency that an agile team holds a retrospective meeting at the beginning of a new sprint. these two additional items were added to the questionnaire on the basis of the agile transformation practices that were actively being practiced in this organization at the time of data collection.


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