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Squid Game: The Challenge - Who Will Win the $4.56 Million Prize Among 456 Contestants?

Squid Game 456: The Meaning Behind The Number

If you are one of the millions of people who have watched Netflix's hit series Squid Game, you probably know what 456 means. But do you know why it is significant? In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the number 456 in Squid Game, and how it relates to the main character, the theme, and the message of the show.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a South Korean thriller drama series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk that premiered on Netflix on September 17, 2021. It has become a global phenomenon, breaking records as Netflix's most-watched series ever. But what is Squid Game about?

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The Plot

The story follows Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a down-and-out chauffeur who is deep in debt and estranged from his family. He receives an invitation to participate in a mysterious survival game that promises a prize of 45.6 billion won (about $38 million) to the winner. He accepts the offer, along with 455 other desperate people who are in similar situations.

However, they soon discover that the game is not what they expected. They have to play six rounds of children's games with deadly twists, such as red light green light with a giant doll that shoots anyone who moves. If they fail or refuse to play, they are eliminated - permanently. The only way out is to win or to vote to end the game with a majority.

The Games

The games that the players have to face are based on popular Korean childhood games that are simple but brutal. They are:

  • Red Light Green Light: A game where players have to run towards a finish line while a doll says "red light" or "green light". If they move during "red light", they are out.

  • Dalgona Candy: A game where players have to cut out a shape from a thin and brittle disc of sugar and baking soda without breaking it. The shape is randomly assigned and can be a star, a circle, a triangle, or an umbrella.

  • Tug of War: A game where players are divided into two teams of 10 and have to pull a rope across a line. The losing team falls off a high platform.

  • Marbles: A game where players are paired up and have to play various marble games with each other. The games are chosen by the players and can involve guessing, flicking, or throwing marbles. Each player starts with 10 marbles and has to collect 20 to win. The losing player is eliminated.

  • Hopscotch: A game where players have to cross a bridge made of 18 glass panels. Some panels are tempered and can withstand the weight of a person, while others are normal and will shatter. The order of the panels is random and unknown to the players. The players have to choose which panel to step on and hope for the best.

  • Squid Game: The final game and the namesake of the show. It is based on a traditional Korean game where two players face each other on a squid-shaped court. One player is the attacker and has to reach the squid's head, while the other player is the defender and has to stop them. The attacker can only move forward, while the defender can move in any direction. The attacker wins by stepping on the squid's head, while the defender wins by pushing the attacker out of the court.

The Popularity

Squid Game has become a global sensation, breaking records as Netflix's most-watched series ever. It has attracted millions of viewers from different countries and cultures, who have been captivated by its thrilling plot, compelling characters, stunning visuals, and shocking twists. Squid Game has also sparked countless memes, discussions, fan theories, and even real-life recreations of the games on social media. But what makes Squid Game so popular?

Some possible reasons are:

  • It taps into universal themes of survival, morality, greed, and inequality that resonate with many people in today's world.

  • It offers a unique blend of genres, such as horror, drama, comedy, action, and mystery, that appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

  • It showcases the talent and creativity of Korean cinema and television, which have been gaining more recognition and appreciation globally in recent years.

  • It benefits from word-of-mouth and online buzz, as viewers share their reactions and recommendations with others who are curious about the show.

Who is Squid Game 456?

Squid Game 456 is the number assigned to Seong Gi-hun, the main protagonist of the show. He is also the last player to join the game, hence his number being the highest. But who is Squid Game 456 as a character, and what does his number symbolize?

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The Character

As mentioned earlier, Seong Gi-hun is a divorced father who is struggling with debt, gambling addiction, and family issues. He is portrayed as a kind-hearted but naive and irresponsible person, who often makes bad decisions and relies on others for help. He joins Squid Game hoping to win enough money to pay off his creditors, support his mother who is ill, and regain custody of his daughter who is moving to America with her stepfather.

Throughout the show, Seong Gi-hun undergoes a character arc that tests his morals, values, and relationships. He forms friendships with some of his fellow players, such as Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon), Abdul Ali (Anupam Tripathi), Oh Il-nam (Oh Yeong-su), and Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae). He also faces conflicts with some of his enemies, such as Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), Dok-su (Kim Joo-ryoung), Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Ji-young), and the Front Man (Lee Byung-hun). He tries to maintain his humanity and compassion in the face of violence and death, but he also has to make difficult choices that challenge his conscience and integrity.

The Symbolism

The number 456 has several meanings and implications in Squid Game. Here are some of them:

  • It represents Seong Gi-hun's status as the lowest-ranking player in the game. He is often underestimated, overlooked, or bullied by others because of his number. He is also the last to join the game and the last one to survive, making him the ultimate underdog and the winner.

  • It reflects Seong Gi-hun's character arc and growth. He starts off as a selfish and reckless person who only cares about money and himself, but he gradually learns to value human life and friendship more than material wealth. He also becomes more courageous and determined to fight against the injustice and cruelty of the game. He goes from being a passive and hopeless player to an active and hopeful one.

  • It connects Seong Gi-hun to the prize money and the creator of the game. The prize money is 45.6 billion won, which is the same number as Seong Gi-hun's player number with a decimal point. This implies that he is destined to win the money, but also that he has to pay a high price for it. The creator of the game, Oh Il-nam, is player number 001, which is the opposite of Seong Gi-hun's number. This suggests that they are foils to each other, representing different perspectives and motivations for playing the game.

The Fate

Seong Gi-hun wins Squid Game by default, after Sang-woo stabs himself in the neck with a knife, asking Gi-hun to take care of his mother. Gi-hun is devastated by Sang-woo's death, as well as the deaths of all his other friends in the game. He is escorted out of the island by a masked man, who gives him a card with a bank account number and a PIN code: 0456.

Gi-hun returns to his normal life, but he is traumatized by his experience and unable to enjoy his money. He learns that his mother has died while he was gone, leaving him alone and guilt-ridden. He ignores the calls from the bank manager, who informs him that his account has accrued interest and now has 46.2 billion won. He lives in a shabby apartment, grows his hair long, and isolates himself from society.

A year later, on the eve of his daughter's departure to America, Gi-hun decides to finally use his money for good. He visits Sang-woo's mother and gives her a suitcase full of cash, telling her that her son sent it to her. He also finds Abdul Ali's wife and son, who are about to be deported, and gives them another suitcase full of cash, along with Abdul Ali's marble that he kept as a souvenir. He then goes to a hair salon and gets a makeover, preparing to reunite with his daughter.

However, on his way to the airport, he sees a familiar scene: a man in a suit playing the


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