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A person or thing that is beautiful has perfection of form, color, etc., or noble and spiritual qualities: a beautiful landscape, a beautiful woman. Handsome often implies stateliness or pleasing proportion and symmetry: a handsome man. That which is lovely is beautiful but in a warm and endearing way: a lovely smile. Pretty implies a moderate but noticeable beauty, emphasizing gracefulness or delicacy: a pretty flower.


Our evidence shows that when beautiful is used to describe physical beauty, it is overwhelming used of women or a physical aspect of a woman (such as her hair or skin). This hasn't always been the case: when beautiful first came into English it was used as easily of men as it was of women. Nowadays, handsome is the adjective of appreciation most commonly used of men.

A person or thing that is beautiful possesses qualities that give great pleasure to see, hear, or think about. When should you use this adjective over handsome, lovely, or pretty? Find out on

Recognized as one of her signature songs, Aguilera has performed "Beautiful" at a number of venues and events.[59] During the promotion of Stripped, she appeared on VH1's Big In Awards,[60] Top of the Pops,[61] and the 46th Annual Grammy Awards.[62] The song was included on the setlists of The Stripped Tour, the Justified and Stripped Tour in 2003[63] and the Back to Basics Tour in 2006.[64] "Beautiful" was also sung on the television special VH1 Storytellers in 2010.[65] "Beautiful" has also been performed on charity events and fundraisings, such as CNN Heroes introduced by Anderson Cooper saying, "It's my pleasure to introduce a performer with unparalleled range and passion; her song is a reminder that out of great trials and tribulations we can all create something beautiful";[66] Justin Timberlake & Friends in 2010,[67] and Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together in 2012.[68]

We were founded on the belief that community matters most. Our teams work to engage local neighborhoods, businesses, and residents of all ages in creating an amazing city for all to enjoy. Join us in maintaining our vision of a clean, beautiful, and vibrant Denton!

From the beginning, our primary goal has been to create the best hair salon and beauty experience in Greenville, SC and beyond. Our mission is to uncover the beauty inside of every woman. We as women are created to feel beautiful as well as identify beauty in others. Carrying our true identities is contagious and uplifting. It breeds hope and can change everything. Beyond just providing exceptional hair salon and eyelash services, we vow to leave every woman loving their new look; inspired to go after their own dreams and passions.

In June, \"GMA\" set out in search of the most beautiful places in America. Viewers nominated their favorite places online, sending in thousands of photos from across the country showcasing spectacular sunsets, regal mountaintops and jaw-dropping views, many with awe-inspiring stories to match.

People often view Keep Charlotte Beautiful (KCB) as the cleanup group or they just key in on beautiful and think we are out planting flower gardens. KCB, one of 700+ Keep America Beautiful Affiliates (KAB), goes much deeper than that. We focus on our mission to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify Charlotte County. KCB actually has four program goals: Ending Littering, Reducing Waste, Improving Recycling, and Greening our Community.

Do we do cleanups? Of course! The Great American Cleanup and the International Coastal Cleanup are two of our biggest events during the year, gathering over 1600 volunteers. But KCB also organizes the E-Waste Recycling Event every December, Recycle Bowl and Calendar Art Contest for our schools, educates people at events, and helps schools and community organizations with pollinator and community gardens. The thread through all of our programs is that we are looking to educate our community members and bring them together so they may take the actions that they want to see in their communities-to make their neighborhoods a better place to live. In doing this, we will have a cleaner, greener, more beautiful community.

The Maine seacoast is an iconic hotspot, full of beautiful landscapes, crisp ocean views, and coastal fishing communities. However, off the shores, those beautiful landscapes and coastal communities are facing challenging changes. The Gulf of Maine is warming three times faster than any other body of water its size globally. To find out why, Oceanographer Charles Tilburg and his students from the University of New England are embarking on a data collecting journey. 041b061a72


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