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Scarborough Fair

The references to the traditional English fair, "Scarborough Fair" and the refrain "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme" date to 19th-century versions, and the refrain may have been borrowed from the ballad Riddles Wisely Expounded, (Child Ballad #1), which has a similar plot.[citation needed]

Scarborough Fair


In the early 17th century, competition from other towns' markets and fairs and increasing taxation saw further collapse of the Fair until it eventually became financially untenable. The market was revived again in the 18th century, but due to intense competition, Scarborough Fair finally ended in 1788, due to the popularity of the nearby Seamer Fair.[4]

The traditional "Scarborough Fair" no longer exists, but a number of low-key celebrations take place every September to mark the original event. Scarborough Fair in July 2006, witnessed medieval jousting competitions hosted by English Heritage in addition to the usual attractions. In 2016, a revival of the fair as a music festival headlined by Richard Ashcroft was attempted. Organizers canceled one month before the festival, citing "logistical issues".[5]

"Scarborough Fair" is a traditional English folk song from the Middle Ages, referring to an old fair in Scarborough, Yorkshire. It is a market fair, comprising of traders, merchants and other vendors that started sometime in the 14th century until the 18th century. 041b061a72


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