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Enjoy Realistic Racing with Real Cars, Tracks, and People on Real Racing 3 for Android

Choose from a selection of cars and start racing in this realistic racing game that will make you feel like you are on an actual Formula 1 track. Real Racing 3 brings a realistic, competitive Formula-1 type racing experience to your mobile device.

Real Racing 3 offers a real-world car racing experience in a mobile game on Android. Featuring real manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, cars are works of art. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is immersive. Circuits and cars have a good amount of detail.

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Real Racing 3 is a mobile racing game that provides a challenging and immersive experience for players around the world. Featuring worldwide motorsports, including Formula 1, this app allows players to take on real people in real motorsports anywhere, anytime.

Real Racing 3 offers players a range of options, including real-time multiplayer, social leaderboards, and a hub dedicated to Formula 1 Grand Prix and Championship events. Time trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer technology provide players with the opportunity to race anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Real Racing 3 is a 2013 racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts for iOS, Android, Nvidia Shield and BlackBerry 10 devices. It was released on iOS and Android on February 28, 2013, under the freemium business model; it was free to download, with enhancements available through in-app purchases. It was considered that it had one of the best graphical experience at that time. Over time and despite an expensive virtual economy ingame, the developers began to tolerate the use of playing with time zones in order for the players to watch unlimited ads to get free gold.[4]

When initially released, the game did not offer a "traditional" multiplayer mode (where people who are all online at the same time race against one another), it instead offered a type of multiplayer known as "Time Shifted Multiplayer" (TSM), a system invented by Firemonkeys. TSM works by recording the lap times of people in each race, and then, when the player goes online, the game itself recreates those lap times, i.e. AI opponents in multiplayer mode are actually emulating the laps raced by real people at another time.[13] However, TSM has not been especially well received, with many reviewers lamenting the game's lack of a "normal" online mode. 148Apps said of TSM, "Real Racing 3 uses race times to generate AI controlled doubles that follow almost perfect paths for each race rather than mirroring their human creators' abilities, race lines, and skill. This means it's not really like racing against friends at all as the cars don't do anything other than follow a path at an algorithmically determined speed based on the recorded time and cars used by friends."[14] Overtaking is far different than in normal modes, as if you're about to overtake someone, their car goes transparent, if the gap increases, the car ahead will lose its transparency. After you have passed the vehicle, it will turn to normal. If someone overtakes you, the car passing you will become transparent, once they have passed you, they will no longer be transparent.

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IGN's Justin Davis, on the other hand, awarded a score of 9.1 out of 10, and an "Editor's Choice" award, arguing that the game was an example of "freemium racing done right." Davis felt that the freemium model was aimed mainly at impatient gamers, as he had not spent any real-world money during his playtest, and noted that wait times became less odious once a player had several vehicles so they could race one while another was undergoing maintenance. He praised the integration of the freemium model, arguing that "Freemium games have to implement their business model in a way that doesn't unbalance the gameplay, and they have to have gameplay high-quality enough to be worth everyone's time to begin with. Real Racing 3 succeeds brilliantly on both counts."[19] Edge scored the game 6 out of 10, and although they were critical of the waiting times, they also felt that the players' desires to avoid such waiting times added to the realism of the gameplay; "Firemonkeys has done an admirable job of folding those paywalls into the gameplay. Having to keep your car serviced to maintain peak performance strengthens Real Racing's sim aspirations, while the need to pay for repairs encourages more thoughtful driving and adds a real-world layer of peril to overtaking."[17]

Electronic Arts EA and Firemonkeys Studio, owned by EA, recently announced a licensing partnership with Formula 1 (F1).On Nov 26, EA updated its popular racing simulation mobile game, Real Racing 3 with F1 content. This represents the first-ever integration of F1 content in the mobile gaming space.Notably, Real Racing 3 was released on Feb 28, 2013. The game is available for free to download on iOS and Android, with enhancements available through in-app purchases.Game features include more than 45 circuits at 20 real-world locations with a 43-car grid. Additionally, more than 250 licensed cars from 33 manufacturers, such as Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ford, Ferrari, McLaren and Koenigsegg, are available for gameplay.Per a Jun 17 Magneto Report, Real Racing 3 has been listed in the top 15 iOS and Android games, with total revenues of more than $27 million generated since launch, as quoted from the Sensortower monthly revenue reports.

Real Racing 3 has gone wild over the last few days ever since it was released on both iOS and Android; although the game was being tested on the iOS platform earlier in 2012. What makes this game a lot more popular than other racing/simulation games is the fact that everything in the game is real. And the game graphics can be compared to high end PC games. All in all, Real Racing 3 is the best racing simulation game ever to hit the mobile platforms.

This is another striking feature of the game. Whenever you race, your acceleration, speed, brakes, even damages, everything resembles a real world scenario. In fact, the servicing to be performed after your car suffers significant damage requires you to wait till your car is ready. This can take anything between a few minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of servicing required. You may also skip the wait time in exchange of gold coins or continue racing with other cars you own.

The controls feel very smooth, and the game actually behaves a little differently depending on your car's stats. I appreciate this attention to detail. You can probably tell the controls don't include any crazy special powers or a nitro boost. Real Racing 3 is, well... real. You only succeed by driving well, rather than relying on gimmicks to make up distance. The pure racing experience is executed very well in this title.

Real Racing 3 has two currency systems: cash and gold. Cash is used to buy upgrades, cars, and repair services. Gold is mostly used to bypass the mandatory wait times. You accumulate a few gold tokens each time you level-up or complete a particularly important challenge, but you have to buy most of them with real money. You would be surprised how often the timer comes up. For instance, not all cars can be used in all series, so you might have to get a new one. If that's the case, get ready to wait for a few minutes while the car is delivered. If you want to upgrade a car before racing, there is another wait for that.

Just like its predecessors, Real Racing 3 has served as the crown jewel among touch screen racing games. Boasting beautiful graphics, life-like physics, upgradable cars, and real-world tracks, it remains competitively popular despite the continuous emergence of similar counterparts. For the sake of the life-like gameplay scenes, it would be more exciting if you had a bigger screen to play on. That is why, in this article, some practical solutions, as well as tips, are introduced to let you play Real Racing 3 on PC.

I hope this gives you a good idea about these free racing games for Android. Now go and download the app which fancies your taste and seems like a good fit for you. I personally enjoy almost every best racing app on Android there is as long as the AI is tuned fairly. If you have any questions or want to race me in any of the games, feel free to send a challenge my way in the comments below.

Deepanshu,I was not aware of that download all at once option thanks for that. But still my point stands, there should be a prominent option of selecting the full download before the game even starts. As much as we hate long waits, frequent interruptions to download that 20 MB of data really kills the mood. You are right, as you can see by the screenshots I have not played the game like you did. For a full review I take around 3-4 hours of testing, this was a VS article and I only took like 1 hour per app. I will add this information to the article soon ? Send me your gamer ID and we will race sometime ?

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Here we have provided you with the different techniques where you can conveniently play real racing 3 on your computer. All the mentioned techniques are quite simple. However, if you really want to play real racing 3 on pc without any interruption, then here we would like to recommend adopting Wondershare Dr.Fone.


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